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A podcast on high-performance banking that explores innovative ideas, best practices from bankers that have successfully executed and winning tactics from around the industry. This audio show is designed and produced by bankers, for bankers with the express intent of increasing performance across the industry.
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Sep 6, 2016

Larry Levine, the Director of Client Experience for Peapack-Gladstone Bank out of New Jersey, sits down with us to provide a master class to bankers on how they can take steps to improve the client experience. We talk about the Bank's "Voice of the Client Committee" and its impact. We discuss the use of the Net Promotor Score, how Peapack-Gladstone has been successful at improving technology adoption rates and the proper way to resolve customer problems.

We cover the role of branding, culture, and leadership in making a difference in banking and go in-depth to better understand the lengths this bank goes to love their employees. 

We also cover the future and find out what technology Peapack-Gladstone is investing in, how the bank's focus on onboarding is starting to make a difference and how they are executing their "Bank Anywhere" strategy. 

This episode is perfect for any banker looking to improve their value proposition, places importance on creating a unique customer experience or just wants to improve their customer service. Peapack-Gladstone Bank has turned the client experience into a competitive advantage and every banker should take notice. 


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